Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

Pediatric Occupational Therapists are trained to assist children to perform the functional tasks that normally occupy their lives. The occupation of childhood is to develop the skills necessary to become functional and independent adults. Occupational Therapists help children develop or regain skills necessary for play, self-care and school.

Occupational Therapists assist children who have difficulty involving:

  • Fine motor control
  • Visual perception
  • Motor Planning
  • Oral motor skills
  • Feeding and eating
  • Sensory processing dysfunction
  • Attention/Focus
  • Activities of daily living
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Handwriting

Occupational Therapy Specialized Treatment Methods:

  • Wilbarger Brushing Protocol for Sensory Integration
  • Beckman Oral Motor Evaluation & Treatment
  • Talk Tools
  • Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to Feeding (SOS)
  • Handwriting Without Tears
  • Universal Exercise Unit (U.E.U)
  • Brain Gym
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Myofascial Release
  • Serial Casting
  • Alert Program or Self-Regulation

The Occupational Therapists at Thera-Peds can assist a child with Sensory Integration. There are seven senses the form the foundation of sensory integration. They are: visual, auditory, touch, smell, taste, vestibular (pull of gravity), and proprioception (body awareness and movement). These senses give us information about our external and internal environments. Our brain uses this information to form a composite picture of who we are physically, where we are, and what is going on around us. Sensory Integration is the critical function of the brain that is responsible for producing this composite picture. It is also the foundation that allows for complex learning and behavior.

If your child is showing signs of sensitivity to touch, taste, smell or sight, over sensitivity to movement, has an unusually high or low activity level, problems with motor coordination, social and emotional problems and difficulty with writing or other hand skills, Thera-Peds Occupational Therapists can help.

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